After spending most of your life working hard, it is easy to fall into the idea of spending your retirement years relaxing as much as possible. While it is important to finally give yourself a break from the stresses of life, it is also essential that you keep your health in mind. Staying active during retirement is important for your overall health, in fact, staying active during this time has been proven to help people have a happier and greater quality of life. So, with this in mind, here are 10 ways to stay active while being retired, to give you the happy years you deserve.

1) Volunteer

You might find yourself feeling a little lost with all the extra time you now have on your hands. However, volunteering is a great way to get outside and fill some time without the pressure that a job brings. Pop down to your local animal rescue center or soup kitchen on the days that you want, that way you can keep a routine without the stress.

2) New Skills

There is most likely a skill you wanted to learn when you were younger but life got in the way and you never had time, but now is your chance. You can now learn that instrument you always wanted to, or perhaps start with a new language, or even maybe you want to juggle. Whatever it is, now is your chance to give it a go!

3) Walking

Is far more beneficial than most people realize, you don’t need to be sprinting down the street, or running a marathon in order to exercise. Walking at the pace you are comfortable is a great way to keep fit. Just fifteen or twenty minutes a day is enough to keep your joints moving, and muscles strong.

4) Stay Social

Loneliness can be a real problem for those in retirement. Perhaps your friends are yet to retire, or people don’t have much time to visit. In this case, do your best to stay as social as you can by going out of your way to visit friends, family, or even just making conversation at the local coffee shop. Everyone needs to have connections and interactions, so try and get out a few days a week with the purpose of social visits.

5) Join a Club

Having a look online or in the paper and you will find local clubs in your area. They can be anything from hobby clubs, such as stamp collectors, to exercise clubs, like aerobics or yoga. Sign up for a club that you know you will be motivated to be a part of, that way you will have a set and regular schedule of a place you need to be.

6) Don’t Skip Sleep

You can only stay active if you are well-rested. It is tempting as you get older to skip sleep or wake up early thinking you will nap later, but later never comes. The rule of seven to nine hours of sleep still applies at retirement age.

7) Travel

Travel is not just for the young, it is never too late to take your dream vacation, or cross a few things off your wish list. If you are able to, travel to the places that you have always dreamed of, or revisit your favorite city for the weekend, now is as good as time as any to explore the beauty of the world.

8) Find a Purpose

Everyone, no matter your age, needs a purpose. During our life, our purpose may be raising our young children or climbing the career ladder. After retirement, you may feel like you don’t have a purpose anymore. Well, find one. Find the thing that is going to motivate you to get out of bed every day. It could be adopting a dog, babysitting your grandchildren, or making trinkets to sell online.

9) Swimming

Swimming is an excellent activity to keep you active. It is a great exercise to do at any age, and it a fantastic way to keep your whole body mobile.

10) Activities of the Mind

Don’t forget to keep your mind active. Set time aside each day if you can to partake in activities that will keep your mind ticking over. Pick up a good book, start on a puzzle, or get a book of crosswords, sudokus, or other brain training material. An active mind is important for an active body.