It might seem like a challenge to downsize. Get rid of your memories? How do you choose which ones to keep and what to get rid of? Then there are the kids’ items, how do you go about getting those out of the home? The key for downsizing for seniors (home) is simply to start! Do not throw more obstacles into the mix if they aren’t there and don’t have to be there. Whether you’re moving to assisted living communities or just settling in, you need to start at the beginning. Here are a few simple tips for downsizing as a single or as a couple for seniors.

Get rid of duplicates

You probably have duplicates of many items, especially if you have more than one child. So, talk to the kids and see what they want. See if they want one and you keep the other. Or, if you have two spare pot sets in the house, give one away to neighbors. The same goes with other appliances or items around the home. You only use one at a time, so why do you need two? Especially with less storage space when downsizing, you just don’t have the room to store items. So, get rid of them instead!

Start thinking of rooms you won’t have any more

You have two spare bedrooms. You still have a gym set up in the kids’ old bedroom. Then there’s the office space. When you downsize, you’re going to have far fewer rooms, meaningless space. Therefore, you’re going to have no choice but to get rid of some items. Think of these “extra rooms” as unnecessary. If you haven’t stepped foot into that home office in three years, what do you really need in there? The same goes with the gym or your spare bedroom. Really think about your needs now that you’re moving into a smaller place. If it’s going to sit there collecting dust, get rid of it.

Yes or no… no maybes

Start making piles. Create a yes pile and a no pile, don’t even think about having a maybe pile. You’ll end up throwing everything in there. With clear distinction of “Yes I need this,” or “No I don’t,” it becomes far easier to downsize. You also take away emotional ties this way. Therefore, it will be easier for you to part ways with some items you otherwise wouldn’t be so willing to let go of. If it’s a definite yes you’re going to know. If you’re debating if you need it, and there’s no maybe pile, it makes it much easier to let go of things.

Think of this as a cleansing process. You’re getting rid of items you really don’t need of have value for. Therefore, you’re home and life are neater. And, it’s going to be much easier to downsize into your new condo or assisted living community this way.

Consider selling

Why not consider selling some things you haven’t touched in years? If you have an old printer that’s still sitting in the box, don’t toss it, try selling it. The same with other electronics or items of value. Many people would be willing to pay money for items you’re tossing out. Especially if they are still boxed and in brand new condition. Particularly high-value items and those which are considered newer technologies.

If you don’t know where to list items for sale, elicit the help of your kids. They can post things online for you, or ask their friends if they want to buy items. Additionally, there are local flea markets or a garage sale you can host. You don’t have to toss something or give it away just because you’re downsizing. In fact, if you spent money on it, and it’s in good condition, you might as well make some of that money back.

When you really step back and think about it, you’ve collected so many items you really don’t use or need. You’re not alone so don’t feel too bad about this, we all do it. Think of downsizing in this sense. If it is filling an area in your life you don’t even know exists, the item probably doesn’t have much value to you. So, get rid of it!

When time comes to downsize, consider these tips to help you get the process underway.