The older we get, the more we start to notice the changes in our body after we have taken part in the exercise. You start to find that you can’t run very fast anymore, maybe you can no longer lift heavy things like you used to, or you wake up the following morning after exercise with aches all over. While this can be demotivating, it doesn’t mean we should stop exercising because we think that is what our body is telling us to do. Yes, things may be more difficult, but exercising when we are older is just as important as exercising when we were young. So, if you have reached your retirement years, read on for the best types of exercise for seniors, to help keep you fit and active without overdoing it.


Walking is one of the best exercises you can do as you get older, just a gentle stroll for fifteen to twenty minutes each day, is enough to keep your joints working well, and your muscles strong. It is important to remember to not push yourself, this will only have the opposite effect, walk at the pace that you are comfortable with, and you will be surprised how much a little walk can help you.


When someone mentions yoga, you might picture in your head a younger person who is fitting in a session before work or before they do the school-run. However, yoga is for everyone, of all ages. Yoga is a great exercise because of how slow-paced it really is. A lot of yoga is about focusing on your breathing, building agility slowly, and maintaining strength throughout your body. You don’t need to be a certain body shape or age to begin, even people who have never stepped foot in a yoga studio can do yoga well.


The great advantage of swimming is that it is an exercise that uses your whole body, without taking too much effort. Swimming is an excellent way to keep all the muscles in your body strong, it is the ideal exercise to ensure that your whole body is used. It is also an effective way to help relive the discomfort of stiff any stiff joints you may have. As a bonus, lots of local swimming pools have separate lanes for older swimmers who want to go at their own pace, or swimming clubs for retirees to stay active in both exercise and socially.


Dancing is a good exercise for two reasons; one, you will work out most of your body whatever dance you are doing. The foxtrot, salsa, waltz, whatever it is, you need to have more or less your entire body active in order to dance. Just a twenty-minute session of dancing will be a fantastic way to keep your leg and arm muscles strong, and your hip joints in tip-top shape. Not, to mention the benefits it has for your back, as long as you are keeping a good posture during the dance that is. Secondly, it is a great exercise for your mind.

Weight Training

Don’t worry you don’t need to visit the gym every time, this is something you can do at home. You can buy small weights that are as light as 2lbs (or more if you are able), with these you can practice a little weight training a few times a week. Just simple exercises such as bicep curls and arm raises are enough to keep the strength in your arms in good condition. Strength training has also been shown to help stop conditions such as arthritis, and back pain from getting worse, both things that can be a real hindrance in your life.

Everyone is different and everyone’s body has different capabilities, so you should never push your body beyond its limits. It is recommended that seniors aged sixty-five and older should be getting around thirty minutes of exercise each day in order to stay active and healthy. However, keep in mind this is just a recommended average, it is better to do a little less than hurt yourself trying to do too much.