If you’re no longer working full-time or part-time, and living off social security, where do you turn for help? Or, if you do want to continue working, are there resources available to assist you? There are a number of government aid for seniors sources you can turn to as you get older. And, this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stop working or earning income if you want to keep working. Furthermore, the assistance comes in the form of financial aid as well as advice/services you can utilize as a senior. So, what’s out there to help you?

Social Security Administration & Medicare

The social security administration is where you’ll apply for social security benefits once you retire (or reach the age of retirement). The longer you wait (65 or older) the more you’ll qualify for. The SSA is responsible for programs focusing on health and financial stability for seniors. So, you can apply for your social security income, as well as Medicare assistance with the SSA.

The Social Security Medicare program is available for seniors who are 65 or older, or individuals with a qualified disability. Under Medicare, you are covered for up to 80% of medical expenses. There are other supplemental coverage options, and assistance for low income seniors as well. These additional benefits and aid will help you in covering the additional 20% costs.

Medicare Savings

This is where eligible seniors with limited income receive additional financial help to pay for medical care. Copayments, specialists, medication, or coinsurance coverage is available through this form of government aid.

Social Security Retirement Insurance

Social security retirement insurance is another form of aid available for seniors. As long as you are 62 years of age, you’ve earned enough credits to apply. This will help with retirement benefits and other insurance coverage after you retire. You can find out the eligibility requirements through a local social security administration office.

Disaster Relief/Food/Nutritional Assistance

The Seniors’ Farmer’s Market Nutrition Program (SFMNP) is another form of government aid for seniors. It is available with the USDA. Additionally, it provides coupons and other savings options for seniors who are living off limited income. Furthermore, you’re eligible for discounts on fresh farmer’s market produce and other specialty food items if you qualify.

Employment & Financial Guidance

If you want to keep working as a senior, the DOL has the senior service employment program. It’s a great form of aid to help you find part-time work in the community and community service, if you’re 55 or older. You’re paid at the federal minimum wage if you work a minimum of 20 hours per week with these programs. You can give back to the community, plus earn some additional aid for expenses.

The Tax counseling for elderly program is government aid available from the Dept of Treasury. This is free tax planning services, guidance, and assistance with tax filing for seniors. You’ll receive free tax assistance from certified IRS volunteers. You don’t pay to file your taxes and you can utilize their service to answer your tax questions. If you are 60 0r older, you can apply for assistance with this program.

Additional Aid Available for Seniors

There’s more government aid for seniors than you might have imagined. In fact, you can use government resources like benefits.gov to help you learn more about government incentive and aid opportunities. Not only will you find free resources for seniors, but other viable programs you can apply with for financial aid. Above all, you can learn about programs you never knew existed which are available to help you pay for expenses you incur as you get older.

It’s not impossible to live comfortably off social security income as a senior. In fact, with all the government aid programs available, it’s simply up to you to look for the resources you need. With the right guidance and assistance in place, you can pay for expenses, and live comfortably with additional income opportunities. You can even continue to work after you retire if you choose to do so, and earn minimum wage benefits in the process. Along with all of this, you can utilize the free resources for financial assistance, and guidance from certified specialists through government portals.