Are you looking for the best retirement care? Do you want to find a perfect home to make the last phase of your life stress-free? If yes, you can consider Masonic Senior Care organizations (MSCO). These organizations are designed to support Masonic people in their old age. If you are interested to know more about MSCO, you can go through the following article.

What Is MSCO?

As the name itself suggests, Masonic Seniors offer support to aging adults. It provides many housing care options that include independent living, nursing homes, retirement communities, respite care, daycare, home care, Alzheimer’s care, and assisted care. You can say that it has an option for every senior people. You can just need to choose the right option depending on your personal needs. It is associated with Freemasonry and offers all the possible care to elderly people.

 What Are The Eligibility Criteria?

There is not any specific eligibility requirement. If you are at least eighteen or twenty-five years of old and believe in good character and Supreme Being, you can become a part of these organizations. The age will vary depending on the jurisdiction. Make sure that you are between eighteen and twenty-five to join the organization.

When It Started Supporting Senior People               

The organization has a long history. However, the senior living tradition started one hundred years ago. Masons realized that seniors need care and home. They tried to give shelter to all those who cannot live on their own without support. But senior facilities were open to masons and their families only.

The senior care facilities have started a century ago. Within this long journey, a lot of improvements have made to make it easily accessible to the people. You will get all the medical care and support. Now, even non-Masonic members can join the facility. However, you will get less priority than Masons and their families. Besides, you will have to pay much more.

Masons will have to pay less for using senior care facilities. Also, they enjoy some discounts and other facilities. Masons and their families will have guaranteed access to all the cares. The common people will be on the waiting list.

What Is the Eligibility Criteria for Masons?

As stated earlier, all the facilities are not open to the public. Also, the eligibility requirements will not be the same for Masons and non-Masons. Even if some facilities strictly accept Masons and their relatives, the eligibility requirement will vary. Some requirements are common and you can expect in all the facilities. If you are a master Mason’s wife, widow, and a female dependant, you will be allowed to take senior care facilities.

How Much Will You Have to Pay For Care?

They accept private payment like any other senior care facility. You will have to make monthly payments. The level of the care, amenities, and the state of the facility will decide the end cost. Some facilities also offer “assignment of assets”. That means you will have to assign a part of your income and asset to the facility.

Besides, some facilities offer financial assistance programs. Masons and their spouses can qualify for this program. These are state-specific programs and available for particular states only.


From the above, you might have realized that MSCO can be the best option for all those who need help in their old age. These organizations focus more on the Masons and their family members.They offer all the required facilities to take care of their senior Masons in their old age.

Today, you will find many homes open for public use. You just need to inquire more about the facilities and payment to decide on the right one. Though these are open for the public, the benefits will not be as same as Masons. Also, the end cost will be much more. You will be on the waiting list if some Masons are in the queue. But once you will be considered, you can expect a lot of benefits and optimal care required in your aging years.