Aging doesn’t mean you have to hide under a rock and keep to yourself. Quite the contrary, get out there, enjoy time with family, friends, and the grandkids. Explore new games, new places, and enjoy new experiences. Whether you’re looking for something to do on Saturday night or looking for your phone, there’s an app to help. These are some of the best senior citizen apps 2019 for you to download and use daily for various different aspects/areas of your life.


For the curious senior or those who want to know every condition out there, WebMD can help. You can find resources from doctors, medical journals, and find out about medical conditions. There’s a healthy target section where you can focus on diet ideas and tips for living a healthier lifestyle. It can help teach you how to cure the common cold or certain allergies. It won’t replace your doctor, but it’s a good informational app to keep nearby if you have any questions or lingering concerns.


A great communication app if you don’t have an iPhone. With iPhone you have Facetime. For Android users, or if you need a communication device at home, Skype’s a great tool. It’s free, you can video chat or conference, and keep up with family. Get in touch with old friends online. Talk to the grandkids who live 5 states away. Or, talk to your kids if you want to see them face to face online. It’s a great app for seniors who want to stay in touch, but can’t visit loved ones as frequently as they’d like.


Keep your body healthy and your mind healthy with this app. Forgetful? Have a hard time with memory retention? Lumosity is a great brain training and memory app. There are memorization games, number games, and clever-mind improvement games you can play. It’s not only great to help you remember things, but will also allow you to show off to friends at parties.

Find my iPhone

The name of the app says it all. The app allows you to lock your iPhone, track it via GPS, and keep intruders or thieves locked out. It will allow you to protect your personal information, while learning about the whereabouts of a lost phone. Display messages, lights, or sounds to alert thieves you know where your phone is. You can even delete the phone’s memory with your Apple ID to protect your identity.


Hey Alexa, what time is it? What’s the weather? Call a cab? Order a pizza, please. You name a command, Alexa is there to help. The Amazon-enabled devices allow you to sync your devices and complete tasks or communicate with others utilizing voice control. Set alarms, make calls, set reminders, and do more with Alexa.


If you love to cook, share recipes, and look at great food pictures, look no further than this app. Sync shopping lists so you buy all items in the recipe you want to try later on in the week. Share your favorite recipes with friends on the cooking app. Look up new healthy ideas if you’re trying to get in shape. The seamless app is free, easy to use, and allows you to create and try new recipes. It’s great for those who are creative in the kitchen and like trying new flavors and dishes.


It’s not just the working individual who doesn’t have a car that can utilize these services. Lyft or Uber are great apps for seniors as well. If you don’t have a car and need a ride to the doctor, you can connect with a driver. If you need to go to the grocery store or run errands, call a Lyft or Uber driver. It’s great for those who want to maintain their freedom and ability to get around, without having to call relatives who are busy.

It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re in tune with the latest electronic devices. With the top senior citizen apps 2019, you can remain abreast with what’s trending, and really enjoy the things you love doing most. Consider downloading a few of these great (free) apps for iPhone or Android. Stay connected, relevant, and get where you need to go with the right connectivity devices and apps. These are a few of the best for seniors to download today to their phones and other smart devices.