If you’ve made the decision to live in a nursing home or are discussing it with family, you obviously want the best care. But, the price of nursing homes is one aspect you need to consider as well. How much do nursing homes for seniors cost? It will depend on several variables we’ll cover here below.

Your State

This is probably the factor which will most impact the cost of nursing homes for seniors. For example, in 2019, the average cost in New York, for a semi-private room, was in excess of $11,000 a month. This is in comparison to a semi-private room in Kentucky, which was about $6,850 monthly. So, where you live, the number of nursing homes in the state, and obviously which cities (major metro areas) the cost will significantly vary based upon your location.

Type of Care

If you require around the clock medical attention, need an RN with you at all times, and need specialized medical care, you are going to pay more than if you are just living in the nursing home and receiving general care and assistance. Medical conditions, the treatments you require, and other health conditions, are going to impact the amount you are going to pay on a monthly basis for the nursing home you choose to live in.

Type of Home and Staff

Skilled nursing care, registered nurses, doctors on staff, versus a nursing home with staff and a couple of RNs that check in once a day, are going to run at different rates. The quality of the staff and their experience, will impact the rate you are going to pay for care. Special dietary needs, or other specific care instructions you have, will also increase/decrease the prices you will pay for the nursing home you eventually choose to live in. Make sure you consider all variables to find the right home, and the right price.

The Facilities

What’s included on-site? Some nursing homes offer

  • Special meals or dietary options
  • Group events
  • Social events and gatherings
  • Ability to leave/come back at will
  • The quality of the rooms and the accommodations on site

These are a few of the many different factors which you will want to consider when choosing a nursing home. Obviously, the more amenities there are on site, and the more you have to do, the more it is going to cost to live in these establishments. With fewer options, you will not pay as much on a monthly basis to live in the nursing home.

Room Type

A private versus semi-private room can increase the rate you will pay significantly. Going back to the same example, in the state of New York, the semi-private room was $11,000 monthly; this is in comparison to a private room which runs nearly $12,200 a month.

Special Accommodations

The cost of nursing homes has dropped in several states over the past couple of years; with this being said, it is not cheap to place a family member in a nursing home. Especially for a private room, in a state where they are in high demand. So, you’ll want to weigh all options for care, where they can live, and even compare in-home aides, as the prices might be a little more in line with what you can afford to pay.