A walk-in tub is an excellent addition for homeowners who have a hard time getting into and out of a shower or standard tub on their own. However, not all walk-in tubs are created equally therefore, the prices are going to vary greatly from one product to the next. Here’s a breakdown of what one of these additions might cost for your home.

Standard tub

If you go with a standard, lower end walk-in tub, you can find some reasonably priced models for your home. Depending on the manufacturer you choose to purchase your new walk-in tub from, expect to pay anywhere between $1500 to $5000.

Long unit

If you’re taller, or just need some extra room to move around your walk-in tub, you can choose a longer unit. Again, the size difference will be around six to 12 inches; it will vary based upon the manufacturer’s standards, so the company that you choose your long tub from will dictate what you can expect in terms of the size difference. On average, a walk-in tub that’s longer in length can run you anywhere from $3000 to $7000. Like a standard walk-in tub, this is also going to include all costs for installation and any plumbing work you might have to do in the bathroom, so that you can use your new tub.


Want a massage? How about jets and different water pressure levels. For seniors who want to relax and unwind in their new walk-in tub, a hydrotherapy tub is a great option to consider. These are also great for sore muscles, joints, bones, and to help with injury prevention and treating an injury. If you do choose these walk-in tubs, you are going to pay a premium rate for them, however. On average, a hydrotherapy walk-in tub can run between $5000 to $7500 or higher.

Manufacturers can charge different rates based on design and features. And, if there are added optional features, you can expect to pay a higher price than a lower end model of a hydrotherapy tub, or a general walk-in tub which doesn’t include any of the additional features. This price does also include the plumbing, installation, and everything to get your new tub up and running in your home.


A Jacuzzi air jet walk-in tub is excellent for seniors who have problems with joint pain and body aches. The higher pressure settings and ability to adjust the jet settings in your tub, is a good way to help improve blood circulation, to help treat certain conditions, and to help improve overall aches and body pain that you experience. You can also adjust the power settings for a stronger or weaker jet flow while enjoying your tub. These do, however, cost more, running $5000 to $9000.

Bariatric tub

A bariatric tub is typically wider and intended for individuals who are heavier, or those who have had bariatric surgery. Many of these units are large and wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair as well, so the cost is going to be much higher for these models of walk-in tubs. On average, you’ll find that these products can easily run $7000 and over $10,000 in some cases, based upon additional features, and the manufacturer of the bariatric tub which you ultimately choose to buy and install in your home.

As you can see, there are various options when it comes to buying a new walk-in tub for your home as a senior. And the prices are also going to reflect the many added features, benefits, and optional features you can choose from, when investing in a new tub. If you are considering this investment, talk to your Medicaid provider, as they might cover the cost of your new tub, or a portion of it, if it is medically necessary. For this reason, it’s important to know your options, and what forms of assistance you might quality for when buying a tub.