It is the temporary care for a loved one to allow their primary caregivers to undertake other routine tasks or visit friends. Respite care for elderly provides an opportunity for seniors to interact with other people.

Benefits of Respite Care for Elderly.

  1. Health Benefits.

It allows primary caregivers to relax by engaging in other activities. The body needs rest to function properly. Failure to have an adequate sleep and take some breaks will result in exhaustion and eventually depression.

When you are exhausted, the body releases toxins that have a negative impact on human health. One of the toxins is called cortisol. The hormone is associated with stress. Low amounts of the toxin in the body will ensure that you have a clear mind. Respite care services for the elderly can also help to boost your mood and hence, the ability to offer better care.

Also, respite care gives primary caregivers time to focus on their own health by going for medical checkups and screenings needed. An unhealthy caregiver cannot offer quality services to the elderly.

  1. Promotes Social Engagement.

In some cases, caregivers may remain in isolation for long periods. Isolation from leisure activities and other people may result in emotional and mental breakdown among the caregivers.

It is normal for primary caregivers and their loved ones to grow tired of each other with time. With respite care, you can explore other activities while your loved one is interacting with other people.

Respite care for elderly allows caregivers to go out for dinner with friends, attend social events, and take vacations to their preferred destinations. Respite care services allow caregivers to stay active by engaging in other activities and taking a break from their routine duties.

  1. Encourages Good Habits.

Caregivers have many responsibilities, and this may make them feel overworked. As a result, they may turn to unhealthy habits such as smoking and alcoholism. Respite care provides the caregiver time to focus on good habits such as working out and learning new skills.

Reasons Why People Seek Respite Care for Elderly.

  • If the primary caregiver needs to travel.
  • If they need a break.
  • The elderly wants to try out a senior community.

Common forms of Respite Care for Elderly.

  • In-Home Respite Care.

In-home respite care is ideal for unique situations. The care can be for a few hours, overnight, or multiple weeks. If your loved one has special medical conditions such as arthritis and dementia, consider looking for a caregiver who specializes in such conditions.

This type of respite care may also include companion care and hiring a personal care assistant. Companion care is ideal if your loved one needs help in activities such as cooking, housekeeping, laundry, and running some errands.

You can find a volunteer to offer companion care services or hire someone. The average cost of companion care services is $10 per hour. Usually, the cost will depend on the level of care that your loved one needs.

Personal care assistants offer more services as compared to companion care providers. Some of the additional duties that the assistants may have include bathing the elderly, dressing them, and toileting. Also, they will monitor the medication of your loved one.

The cost of hiring personal care assistants ranges between $15 and $40 per hour for part-time services and up to $200 per day for live-in assistants.

  • In-Facility Respite Care.

In this arrangement, a respite care service may pick up your loved one, or you can drop them off. The care can be for a few hours, a day, or longer periods. In-facility respite care may include adult-day services and assisted living.

Adult day services are ideal if you need a full day to run multiple errands. Adult day respite care for elderly may involve monitoring your loved one, their medication, among other services. You can take your loved one to a facility that specializes in respite care. Some churches and hospitals also offer the services.

The cost of adult day services ranges between $25 and $150 per day. Some facilities offer customizable services to allow clients to pay for only what they need. On the other hand, assisted living respite care for elderly is ideal if your loved one needs help in daily tasks. The cost of the services ranges between $100 and $260 per day.