Senior Homes: How to Choose the right one?

You want your loved ones to feel comfortable. If you’ve come to the point where you can no longer take care of an elderly parent, and have decided to place them in a senior home, which one is the right one? Have their liberties, and ultimately, receive the best medical care if/when it is necessary. So, when the time comes to make the decision as to where you’ll place them, these are a few of the many aspects you’ll want to consider, in choosing the appropriate senior home.

Location and Size

This is especially important if your loved one has a life-threatening condition if they’re extremely ill, or might require immediate medical care at any given time. Sure, a 15-minute drive doesn’t seem like much. But, if it takes this long for an ambulance to get them to the hospital, it can be detrimental or life-ending in many cases.

And, the same goes for you. If it’s a 30-minute drive outside your home, it’s not too far. But, if you want to visit them after work, then have to go home late at night, it’s an inconvenience (to say the least).

The size of the senior home is also of importance. Is there enough room for your loved one to walk around freely, and enjoy the outdoor fresh air? Can they engage with others in the home easily? Can staff easily reach them when they need immediate attention? Make sure you have the answers to all of these questions when comparing senior homes.


You’ll want to make sure your parent has the care they need when they need it. Staff members guarantee their safety. The staff should be

  • Medically trained in CPR
  • Receive continual education/training for general medical care

There should also be a registered nurse on staff in the event medical care is required immediately, and if possible, a licensed doctor to administer care for dire situations.

It’s also a good idea to choose a senior home where there isn’t plenty of turnover in staffing. You want your parents feeling comfortable where they live. So, they should feel comfortable/safe with the staff that’s there, and enjoy their company. This isn’t possible if there are new staff members every few weeks.


This is a big one. If a nursing home has several red flags, complaints, negative ratings/reviews (BBB), or a poor violation history, these are the senior homes you’re going to want to avoid. Instead, look for those with a great reputation, stellar staffing, competent teams, and facilities that are comfortable/safe for your loved ones.

Services Offered

What kind of services are available through the senior home? Healthcare, dining, activities for seniors, bedtime meals, and so forth. If your parent has dietary restrictions, does the senior home have cooks/specialists on staff that can accommodate this? Make sure you understand what types of services are offered, the quality of those services, and what you should expect in terms of care, for the price you’ll pay when placing your parent/loved one in a senior home.


Not being in their own home, and with their family, is tough for many seniors living in senior homes. However, many facilities do a great job of allowing them to maintain their freedom. For example, in some homes, seniors who are mentally competent don’t have a certain bedtime. And, those who are capable of walking on their own safety, are free to roam the facilities and outside.

If your loved one is mentally competent and physically active, make sure you choose a senior home that doesn’t restrict every move they make and gives them certain liberties they can enjoy, even though they are in the senior care home, rather than in their own homes.


The decision isn’t always an easy one to make, but sometimes, it is the only option you have when it comes to guaranteeing your parent or elderly loved ones receive the care they need when you can’t take care of them. If this is the point you’re at, these are a few of the factors you’ll want to consider to ensure you’re choosing the right senior home, which will provide the best care, and where you’re loved one will feel at ease and happy. If you want to learn more about senior homes read our full article: Senior Homes: Everything you need to know.