If you’re looking to maintain your independence during your senior years, a stairlift is probably one of the best tools for you. For the uninitiated, this is a device that offers mobility to individuals with balance issues. The result: they can comfortably ride up and down the stairs. Stairlift offers much-needed safety and it is one of the most convenient tools out there. Over the next few sections, we will discuss this device in detail.

How Do Stairlifts Work?

As previously mentioned, the working mechanism of stairlifts is extremely simple. Most stairlifts available in the market come with two primary components. First in line is a track a part of which is either textured or toothed and the second and final component is a chair powered by a motorized gear. Most of these chairs also come with wheels along the base that can automatically propel themselves by moving across the toothed/textured area. While you’ll find plenty of variety when it comes to buying stairlifts, the basic mechanism for each of these devices is the same. If, however, you are planning to purchase a stairlift and are wondering what features to look for, here’s a quick guide.


As previously mentioned, tracks are one of the most vital components of your stairlifts. The shape and size of these tracks will have an impact on the price and ease of operation. While buying stairlifts, you can choose from multiple tracks. Since they are usually made of metal, you won’t enjoy any versatility in terms of material. There is, however, something you should look for. While exploring the wide range of stairlift tracks, choose one with a hinged design. Automatic folding tracks are another great option. Both offer excellent stability and solid support.


This is yet another major consideration as this is one of those components that the users will directly interact with. As with tracks, you will find plenty of seat designs depending on the comfort, cost and mobility requirements. The best part: some of these seats can be personalized for swiveling and collapsing. Others come with a range of arm and footrests. While exploring the seats, look for a battery-powered variant with a speed of at least 20 RPM. You can also choose swivel and collapsible seats depending on your specific needs. The color and upholstery can be equally customized.

Safety Features

Since the stairlifts are tailored for seniors, it is especially important to consider the safety features. These features are vital in preventing inadvertent falls and injuries. Almost all models of stairlifts come powered with key locks, seatbelts, and an in-built system for detecting obstructions. Note that the hardware used in making the stairlift might affect its capacity and overall user control. Always choose a stairlift with a seatbelt and make sure the belt is easy to grip. Obstruction detection, key locks, and full torso harnesses are some other features you can look out for. In terms of hardware, look for chair-centric controls, and calling systems. Since seniors will use the device, make sure the controls are easy to operate. Other excellent features include handheld remote calling units. Also, regardless of the weight of the concerned individual, look for hardware with a capacity of at least 300 lbs to 400 lbs.


A quality stairlift warranty willfully ensures that you get the most from your money. It will further add an extra layer of safety with timely maintenance. Most stairlifts come with a warranty of three to five years. Some of them can also be extended. Look for the warranty and its extension options before investing in a stairlift.

Should You Really Get a Stairlift?

Yes, if you are looking to independently move even during the final years of your life, a stairlift is your best bet! These devices are easy to operate, convenient, and extremely comfortable. Since they are also available in a variety of styles and designs, you can choose one as per your convenience. A quality stairlift will let you comfortably stay at home. It is also a great tool for short-term injuries.

Bottom Line

Now that you know what a stairlift is and how exactly it works, wait no longer and get one for yourself or your loved ones right away! This compact and lightweight tool will offer just the kind of mobility you need.