If you are thinking about purchasing a stair lift, it can be difficult to know where to buy from. There are hundreds of companies available and it can feel overwhelming, to say the least, to know which is the best company for you, especially since a stair lift is not a small cost so you want to get it right first time. Therefore, to give you a helping hand, we have compiled a list of the top 8 stair lift companies, to assist you in making the right choice.

1) Stannah

You may already be familiar with this company name, they are famous around the world, and have been in business for 150 years. They have an excellent reputation and are true masters in their field. This company is serious about providing a top-quality and safe product to all its customers and has done so since its inception. As a bonus, Stannah offers a free quote, with no obligation, during which time you can also ask any questions you might have.

2) 101 Mobility

This company has seventy locations across the country, and are experts in their field. They pride themselves on top-class products and services and will have the installation done in no time at all. Their home consultation is free of charge and can help put your mind at rest if you have any doubts. Not only does 101 Mobility provide stair lifts, but they also have lifts to assist in all aspects of your life, including bathing and driving. They have the knowledge and the passion to give a great service from the start to finish.

3) Ascent Stair Lifts

Ascent is a little newer to the business, having only been established since 2008, but they have still made an impact in that relatively short time. The original goal of the company was always to provide the best stair lifts and give each customer exactly what they needed for a safer and better life, at the lowest prices possible. Ascent has managed to achieve that, and they are steadily growing each year, proving themselves to be a top competitor in the market.

4) Bruno

Is a top company in the field, and has won many awards over their time for the quality and innovation of the products they provide. Bruno is a family-owned business and all of its products are manufactured in America. They offer a limited lifetime warranty on all stair lifts, to give you that added reassurance, and all quotes are free of charge.

5) Harmar

The range of stair lifts available through Harmar is huge, they have one of the largest selections on the market, as well as being leaders in other mobility assistant products, with a catalog full of solutions for any of your needs. For more than twenty years Harmar has provided durable and trustworthy stair lifts, and has built up a fantastic reputation.

6) Acorn

Has had a massive impact in the stair lift world, they have been extremely innovative in their use of technology and have managed to make installations quicker, and products safer with their fast-tracks, and smart technology, as well as their use of DC batteries in some products. Acorn has stood out among the rest since the company was created, the abundance of knowledge and passion from this family-owned company is clear in every step.

7) AmeriGlide

For the last fifteen years, AmeriGlide has been providing great products at great prices to thousands of people across America. AmeriGlide is the perfect company if you are on a tighter budget, as not only do they have new stair lifts available, but they also have the option of used or refurbished stair lifts at a reduced rate. For further savings, the company has an online guide for self-installation, for anyone who has help available.

8) Handicare

Handicare offer safe and stylish options for your mobility needs, while keeping their prices reasonable and affordable. They have a fantastic range of stair lifts to suit any staircases, and all their products use top quality durable materials.

Using a good company is a very important factor when it comes to buying a stair lift, but the companies listed all go above and beyond to ensure you will have everything you need to keep yourself as independent as possible in and around your home.