Walk-In tubs are ideal for senior citizens as they have many safety features. Usually, a walk-in bathtub has a door either on the front or side that you can open or close whenever you need to. Therefore, users do not need to lift their legs to enter. The doors of a walk-in bathtub are sealed to ensure that the water stays inside. The tubs have features that ensure the fast draining of water after taking a bath. As a result, seniors do not need to stay inside the bathtub for long periods as they wait for the water to drain.

It is always advisable for homeowners to seek professional services to install a walk-in bathtub. There are several models of walk-in tubs available in the market today. Take time to choose your preferred door designs. The shape and size of a bathtub door will affect the ease of access. The cost of a walk-in tub in the United States ranges between $2,500 and $10,000. The cost varies depending on the features. Expect to pay more for a tub with advanced features. If you do not want to hire an expert to do the installation work, consider purchasing a portable model.

The following are more unique features of a walk-in tub:

The Thresholds

The height of the thresholds of most walk-in tubs ranges between 3 inches and 7 inches. On the other hand, the height of rims in traditional bathtubs is 14 inches, and this makes it difficult for senior citizens to use.

Grab Bars

Walk-in bathtubs have at least one grab bar. Grab bars in the tubs are one of the ADA compliance requirements. Therefore, users can get out of the tub without sliding off the seat. The bars also reduce the chances of falling when entering or leaving the walk-in tub. If a senior citizen slips off when bathing, they can grab the bars to keep their head above the water.


A walk-in tub has built-in seats. In most cases, the tubs have seats with anti-slip features to allow individuals to move around a bath without falling.

The Flooring

Another feature that makes a walk-in tub safe for senior citizens is anti-slipping flooring. Therefore, users do not need to worry about falling when using the tub or waiting for the water to drain.

The Design of the Shower Wands

Walk-in tubs for seniors have handheld shower wands. The shower design makes them flexible and easy to use for senior citizens. An individual can reach all parts of their body easily without too much movement as they take a bath.

Anti-Scald Technology

Senior citizens may have a hard time when trying to regulate temperatures as they take a bath in a bathtub. The anti-scald feature helps to prevent seniors from getting burned when using a walk-in tub.

Wheelchair Accessibility

Some senior citizens may be impaired and may be unable to access traditional bathtubs. Some walk-in tubs allow others to access the tub without the need to move out of their wheelchair. The feature makes a walk-in tub safer for the elderly to take a bath.

Valuable Tips when Buying a Walk-In Tub.

Research Widely

There is a wide variety of walk-in tubs available in the market today. The tubs have different features and functionalities. Take time to learn the different options you have before you start shopping. Also, check the pricing of various products. You will only make an informed decision if you have adequate information.

Check Online Reviews

You can utilize various online resources to evaluate the quality of products offered by a particular manufacturer. For example, you can inquire about a certain walk-in tub on online consumer platforms. You can rely on the reviews from other consumers as they have no financial stake in the products.

Identify your Needs

Different models of walk-in tubs come with different features. Determine the features that you need before you make a purchase. If you are aware of the features you need in a tub, you will not have a hard time when choosing the best product for your needs.

Finally, ask for product warranties and understand the return policies before you buy your preferred walk-in tub model. Consider contacting a plumber to install the walk-in tub for you.