There are many incredible ways to help the elderly age gracefully and enjoy social lifestyles. Many loved ones who have busy schedules will think of taking their seniors to nursing homes. Others will ensure the elderly can still live independently in their own homes.

Your senior may be using a walking cane or wheelchair for daily movement, but do you know a stairlift can make a difference? A stairlift or chair lift is a great tool to invest in as it helps senior citizens maintain independence while in the face of aging.

A stairlift will help a senior citizen and many others with balance and mobility issues conveniently and comfortably ride up a flight of staircases in a home. Some of the benefits associated with using a stairlift include;


Many elderly people find themselves in assisted living facilities because they can no longer move around their homes conveniently. Sometimes home care is not available round-the-clock and a stairlift can offer a means to move upstairs. You will enjoy peace of mind while using this tool on your own.


As a senior citizen living independently, you may let your guard down even when using a wheelchair. However, if you use a chair lift, this equipment will keep you safe when moving around. You just need to buckle up and ride anywhere you want.


Top stair lifts for seniors are designed to be efficiently installed on any kind of stairway. You can have your stairlift installed in your house regardless of the shape of your staircase.

Great for Indoor and Outdoor Use

You can use your stairlift inside your house or when you want to spend some time on an outside coach, deck or patio. You just need to pick a design that will fit your mobility needs.

Choose a Top-notch Stair Lift

There are different types of stairlifts you can purchase today. You can go for seated stairlifts, straight stairlifts, porch stairlift, curved designs or even outdoor stairlifts. Stairlifts vary with brands and it is wise to pick a top-notch design. With this in mind, here are the top 8 stair lift companies to guide you.


Also commonly known as Bruno Independent Living Aids is a premier stairlift brand you will definitely fall in love with. The company is widely known for curved and straight stairlifts. Bruno stairlifts are great for outdoor and indoor use.

Many people will not have any reservations picking a Bruno chair lift thanks to its easy of customization, excellent performance and incomparable quality. This stair lift is also ISO Certified and great if you want to enjoy an independent lifestyle.


This is a great stair lift company for straight, curved and outdoor designs. You can also easily customize your AmeriGlide stair lift to fit any staircase design in your home and enjoy an independent living as you age. You can buy a new, old or a refurbished design depending on your preferences and budget.


If you are looking for innovative solutions to enhance your mobility as a senior citizen or for a loved one, Harmar is a great stair lift company. The brand offers unique stair lifts that are also ergonomically designed to fit your mobility needs.


This is a great provider of curved, straight, multistory, outdoor and multi-level stair lifts. Handicare will make your life easier and ensure you can independently move indoors or outdoors. It general design is amazing and it features varied color options.


Stannah is a widely recognized provider of stairlifts. It’s a great brand if you are looking for independence, freedom and strong sense of safety when enjoying retirement living.

Acorn Stairlifts

Acorn is a remarkable chair lift brand that has been satisfying mobility needs of many seniors worldwide. The company not only manufactures stairlifts, but also offers installation services.

Acorn embraces high engineering standards and its DC batteries have been excellent in an event of a power surge.

101 Mobility

You should no longer experience any mobility challenges when you can get a top-notch 101 Mobility stairlift. The company is widely regarded for designing unique and high-quality stairlifts that will serve you for many years.

Ascent Stairlifts

Your top stair lift companies list cannot be complete without including Ascent Stair Lifts. It’s a reputed company that embraces professionalism in the designing and manufacture of it stairlifts. Its chair lifts are designed to last and help you feel safe and independent at home.

To Sum Up

As you pick stairlifts from any of the above top 8 stairlift companies, feel free to look at distinctive features that make their products stand out. Don’t be swayed away by the prices of the available stairlifts. Pick a design that will meet your mobility needs and give you the independence you yearn for.