Some people love being retired, yet others get extremely fed up after some time has passed, and they realize how much they missed the comradeship of work and the routine that they had when they had to go to work every day. Here are the top things to do once you retire.

Try to get fitter physically and emotionally.

Retirement offers you exciting opportunities for a new and exciting life. Avoid the temptation to sit around doing nothing much except watching television and eating and drinking too much. It’s vitally important to maintain a level of fitness in your retirement years. Make sure you walk every day, eat plenty of fruit and vegetables and connect with nature regularly. Keep your brain active by learning, reading, and engaging in new hobbies and activities you may have wanted to try but never got around to while working long hours.


What better way to leave a part of you behind than to teach? When you share your knowledge, you give the next generation all the benefit of your experience. You provide them with a head start, a leg up, a shortcut to success. There are many community education opportunities where you can even earn money sharing your knowledge. How about SCORE, the service corps of retired executives? Perhaps you could share your experience to help other businesses grow? Starting your class is easier than you think. It can provide great satisfaction, purpose, and is a great way to meet people with the same interests as you.

Travel the world

You’ve left your job, and before relying only on your pension, you’ve had a ‘lump sum’ of money and decide to spend it on a world tour or a cruise. While working, you’ve been restricted on where to go and for how long. However, once you retire, the world can be your oyster, and your only restriction will be how much money you are prepared to spend. Now, at last, you have the opportunity to see those places you’ve read about and always wondered if you would ever have the chance to visit. Travel is said to broaden the mind, and it may well do; perhaps it will expand your waistline too!

Clear the clutter

Eventually, you’ll come down to earth and look around your home environment and realize that you have accumulated an enormous array of things, some of which have sentimental value, some are still useful. Come to terms with clearing away the latter and making space both physically and emotionally for the moving on you are doing in your life when you are retired. Office suits don’t have much use when you are living a more relaxed lifestyle of the retired person.

These are just some of the major things that you can do when you retire.