Travel is always on mind for most of the retirees. As per studies, traveling is the top aspiration for almost everyone who is 50 years or older. But of course, they need that much needed time and break for themselves after years of working hard to make ends meet. Travelling is often also deemed to come with a lot of benefits, be it medical or otherwise.

Some proven medical studies suggest that traveling brings about a massive improvement in the overall health of the seniors by improving and conditioning their brains and hearts leaving little to no risks or signs of depression. Apart from that for Seniors, it adds to their realm of amazing life stories and experiences to tell to their grandchildren.

But often our seniors find it confusing to decide where to go. If you are a senior or planning a trip for your seniors we have listed some Senior Travel & Vacations options for you. Let’s have a closer look at these ideas.

The U.S. National Parks

With a range of things to see and do at the National Parks, this is undoubtedly a favorite among people of all age groups. From the picturesque scenes of the Grand Canyon to a walk along with the Yellowstone geysers, you can plan it all for the seniors. Opt for a ranger-led walk through nature or a drive through the forests in the Smoky Mountains, you think of it and you will get it. For seniors who want to escape into nature for some moments of respite and reprieve, the U.S. National Parks are the best option. Moreover costing a little below $100, these parks are ideal for our Seniors on a budget.

Price: Senior Pass price – $80 for lifetime.

Things to do: Adventure, Road trips, Jungle Safaris

The Caribbean

For seniors who wish to relax to their heart’s contentment and wish to rejuvenate themselves, the Caribbean provides an ideal setting. The velvety sands, the clear blue waters and the beautiful weather just create memories and impressions that last forever. For our seniors who find it difficult getting around, they can opt to see the region on a cruise ship across the ocean. These cruise and excursions have been made easily accessible for all kinds of passengers (including those with special needs). There is an option to rent wheelchairs as well to make it easy for them. Destinations such as the Islands of the Bahamas, Antigua beaches, and Barbados are ideal, to begin with.

Price: range between $1000 to $5000

Things to do: Relax, Rejuvenate, Go sightseeing.

Central European River Cruises

Cruise is always a great idea for the seniors to cut through the scenic patches of Germany, Austria, and Hungary. These cruises are conducted by the European Waterways through the iconic rivers such as the Rhine and the Danube. River cruises provide an intimate way of experiencing nature that includes stopping by the castles, some villages out of the storybooks, vineyards and stopping at some famous cities such as Budapest and Vienna. All of it bundled in budget-friendly packages.

Price: range between $2000 to $ 5000 for 12 to 15-day package

Things to do: Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy the Tour.


Price is a major constraint when it comes to traveling for our Seniors. And for those who want to make the most of the US Dollar a Sout East Asian destination works perfectly. Thailand is one such destination that is too full of the much-needed serenity and calmness our Seniors often seek. With its beaches, floating markets, Buddhist temples and the exciting city of Bangkok, our seniors can get it all, that too at shockingly affordable prices. Additionally, the deep respect and hospitality of the locals is a bonus that is sure to win their hearts.

Price: range between $500 to $2000 depending upon the tour options

Things to do: Relax, Meditate, Enjoy the food, the sights, and the cities.

South Africa

So if you are a Senior close to nature or have a beloved senior who loves the jungle, they would surely love the famous “African Safari”. Cut through the dense equatorial rain forests in ill-terrain vehicles guided by a trained ranger. Watch the jungle life in all its action and glory. Kruger National Park is one such place to be and when you return from this trip with all the breathtakingly beautiful views captured in your mind, you will surely have a story to tell relive and rejoice.

Price: range between $1500 to $2500 all-inclusive package deals

Things to do: Watch the jungle live and exclusive. Enjoy the scenes.


While there can be many such other vacation spots where our Seniors can plan and visit, here er have listed special care in listing tours that involve no to minimum physical activity, keeping in mind all their relaxation needs. So whether you are a senior planning to travel or planning it for your seniors, these vacation spots are sure to make it an experience of a lifetime.