Cruising is often the most popular way for seniors to travel. The cruise industry has expanded rapidly in the last few years. You can now take a cruise to almost any part of the world.

Excellent food

You could probably cruise 365 days per year. In many ways, traveling as senior on cruise ships you can enjoy many advantages. Not only can you enjoy excellent food and cuisine, but also plenty of activities which you can take advantage of regularly.

What Are The Best Activities for Senior Cruisers?

Traveling as a senior may mean you are traveling on your own. Hopping onboard a cruise ship is a great way to meet other singles. Some cruise ships even have singles clubs where you can meet other people your age. However, if that is not your sort of thing, keeping fit and healthy is normally on top of most seniors’ agenda. As soon as you board the cruise ship, your cruise director will be more than happy to tell you about what different types of exercise classes are available. On top of that, most cruise ships have excellent gyms and swimming pool areas for you to enjoy. Rediscover Love Although you may not find love onboard your cruise ship, you will likely rediscover your love for something you used to enjoy. It can be anything from cooking to relearning some of the crafts you used to do when you were younger. Some of the smaller cruise lines which offer a fleet of smaller ships will even take you on guided tours to food markets to let you discover the exciting local cuisine. Once back on board, one of the chefs will more than likely run a special class showing you how to use all of the exotic ingredients you picked up together.

Factors to Take Into Consideration; Should you scrimp and save and only go for a lower grade cabin?

Cruise lines love their loyal travelers and many run schemes which allow you to accumulate points or obtain discounts. You can pick up points in different ways. Once you get going, you may soon find yourself benefiting from rewards such as free internet and cabin upgrades. Traveling as a senior certainly has a lot of advantages. More than likely, you will be offered special senior discounts as well. Keep an eye on your inbox, and the offers will soon start dropping in.


Downsides to Cruising As a Senior There are a few downsides to cruising as a senior. Keep in mind that insurance premiums may be higher. Most insurance companies try to make a lot of money out of senior travelers. Loyalty can offer benefits and it is worthwhile sticking to one insurance company which has details of your medical history. If you find the travel insurance market challenging, ask your broker to help you out. Before you jump on an excursion, you should make sure how much walking and strenuous activities are involved. You may not feel like going on a walking tour of central Rome. It is a big area to cover on foot. Taking a trip to the Spanish Steps and enjoying a coffee with like-minded new friends may be much more your sort of the thing. It is rumored the Pope loves to pop out for a pizza in this part of Rome.

It’s worth it!

Traveling as a senior certainly has more advantages than disadvantages, and cruising can take you to many different parts of the world without you having to unpack time and again.