Retirement provides you with all the time you need to go and see the world…but we’re too long in the tooth for roughing it! Here are our top tips for traveling in comfort and style without breaking the bank.

Dead Zones

In the airline industry the most unpopular times of the year to travel are known as Dead Zones. During Dead Zones prices plummet due to lack of demand. The big four Dead Zones of the year are:

  • Once the New Year’s travel boom is over, usually around the 7th, then the rest of the month is a prime Dead Zone
  • Not as cheap as January but there should still be plenty of bargains to be found so long as you avoid Spring Break weeks in March and April
  • Prices start to fall as Summer fades in last August with another drop common during October
  • Early December. The first two weeks of December are typically a Dead Zone due to being sandwiched between the two big peaks of Thanksgiving and Xmas/New Year’s Eve

Cheap Hotel rates

These days it seems as if Hotel room rates ping up and down with no rhyme or reason to the pattern. However it turns out that there are strategies to get the best prices. There are things you need to consider:

  • When you make your booking. Data shows that most Hotel bookings are made Monday to Wednesday and the fewest are made Friday and Saturday. Make your bookings on Friday and Saturdays, less people are searching and this brings prices down
  • When you’re staying. Hotels are busiest at weekends. Avoid the weekend and you’ll be shocked by how much you can save. The cheapest day to check-in is Sunday. The cheapest day to check-out is Friday

Age-related Discounts

Research has shown that a big percentage of today’s retirees are looking to get out and see the world.  Travel businesses are well aware of this and are willing to offer discounts to the over 65’s to catch a slice of this booming market sector. So do not be shy about revealing your age! It’s always worth asking if there is a deal for seniors.

This is most advantageous when it comes to airplane tickets and hotel rooms but don’t overlook the smaller expenses as it all adds up

Travelling as a group

Traveling in groups, whether it’s with a retirement community, religious organization or a gang of old friends, can save travelers substantial amounts of money. Hotels and tourist attractions often offer steep reductions for groups of seniors, which can even be arranged through travel agencies. A social benefit of signing up for a group tour is the chance to meet new people and develop new friendships with fellow globetrotters. Or, better yet, get in touch with friends and family and put your own travel group together!

Use your time

Time is commodity that retirees are rich in so don’t forget to leverage this to your advantage! Longer stays often bring bigger saving and more time to check out the local sights and to see how the locals live.

You also have the option to travel slower. Slower travel can sometimes be much more enjoyable and almost always nets a decent saving. Instead of flying why not opt to take the train. Don’t forget to use you senior discount and enjoy the scenery. Or hire a car and make a road trip of it!

Protect your travel

One area where it would unwise to skimp is travel insurance. A solid, comprehensive travel insurance package can end up saving you a small fortune in cancellation fees or medical bills should anything go wrong. And you cannot put a price on the peace of mind this will provide.