Seniors can’t always go out for grocery shopping or buy food they eat regularly. Thankfully, there are free food delivery services for seniors if you know where to look. This is perfect for those who don’t have the time or the skills to cook up a nutritious meal.

Here are the best food delivery services for seniors you can find today:

  1. Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels is a well-known organization with thousands of volunteers spread across the nation. Your local Army Salvation center, community action agency, church or charitable institution may have a Meals on Wheels program. When it does, you’re in luck!

Meals on Wheels was originally made to help seniors and elderly people regardless of income. They specialize in people that are homebound and can’t prepare their meal or get food on their own. You can get in the list and get approval, which can take several weeks. Still, the organization puts all their efforts to making sure everyone gets help and keeps the waiting to a minimum.

A Meals on Wheels volunteer will deliver a low-cost or free meal straight to your doorstep. As for the ingredients and quality, you can be sure that they’re made fresh at local kitchens. More importantly, all the food will be sent the same day they’re made so you get all the nutritional value.

Aside from offering free food delivery, Meals on Wheels also has a professional case management program. Local agencies partner up with resources and social services to bring you resolution on other issues. For example, you can ask for additional help with daily chores, such as bathing, dressing, cleaning, laundry and the like. Also, the organization can arrange for low-cost medical care if need be.

Your first search on free food delivery should be to a Meals on Wheels near you.

  1. Moms Meals

A food delivery service that can provide high-quality meals to the elderly and seniors. Moms Meals are notably similar to Medicaid food provider as they cater very nutritious meals at the highest standards. The meals they serve are good for those who have trouble taking care of themselves, incumbents and those who are battling chronic diseases.

Moreover, ingredients are fresh and chefs cook it in an everyday basis. You can choose from fresh or frozen dishes depending on your preference. What’s great about the program is that there’s a variety of cuisines available, including Asian, Latin and American.

Seniors get access to more than 50 different and tasty meals for breakfast, lunch or dinner. If you like free food delivery, then Moms Meals is the one to get. Application is fairly easy- you will need to be a Medicare or Medicaid member.

  1. Lifelong and Project Angel Heart

The program offers free food deliveries to individuals suffering from chronic illnesses such as cardiovascular, kidney, cancer and HIV diseases, among others.

Lifelong and Project Angel Heart cooks the meal according to the patient’s condition. Currently, the organization operates only in a few cities but with a little financial help they can expand to other regions.

The non-profit relies on donations and charities from local agencies and organizations. The agents help anyone from as young as 5 years old to those who are in their twilight years. Most of the clients are 60 years old and above.

Lifelong and Project Angel Heart’s staff undergo training and background checks to ensure nothing goes wrong with your food delivery. As of the moment there have been more than 65,000 hours and 8,000 volunteers to make sure all seniors get what they need.

In order to get the free delivery you must have a life-threatening condition, such as MS, end-stage renal disease, AIDS, heart disease and others. A volunteer will observe your condition and document if you’re having trouble preparing meals. Like other free food delivery services, income and age doesn’t matter.


These are the 3 best food delivery services for seniors you can get today. The good thing about today’s technology is that you can order a meal using your smartphone. Simply download a food delivery app and order the food you like at a minimal cost. Some of these include GrubHub, Home Bistro, Medifast, Top Chef Meals and Magic Kitchen.