Hearing loss is a major problem, especially among seniors. In this article, we talk about hearing aids. The problem worsens for seniors older than 74 years. This condition is known as Presbycusis. The severity of this condition increases with age. The problem affects both ears, and it is characterized by difficulties hearing someone speak or enduring loud sounds. This may significantly affect their quality of life, whereby they become antisocial to avoid embarrassments and frustrations that come with hearing loss.

They are also viewed as confused, unresponsive, and uncooperative. However, do you know that timely diagnosis can help you live your life even if you have Presbycusis? The only way you can live your life with this condition is by using a hearing device.

A visit to a qualified Audiologist can go a long way in helping you choose the right hearing aid and also know how to fit it.

Otofonix Hearing Amplifier

It comes with four programmed configurations that you can use depending on your surrounding environment. The device is fitted with a digital sound processor that makes it possible for you to enjoy high-quality sound. With this device, struggling to pick human sounds will be a thing of the past.

It is also fitted with an inbuilt noise lessening system that works miracles in reducing noise, especially in crowded places. It also comes with a treble setting that helps to minimize the intensity of high-pitched sounds such as whistling or squealing.

Also, if you want to enjoy some moments of silence, there is a quiet setting that you can use to get rid of all the sounds around you.

Sentire SM-300 BTE

This is a superb and reasonably priced device that has won the hearts of many seniors who have tested it, and regardless of the low prices, the dependability and quality it provides cannot be ignored. Its 2-channel extensive dynamic range compression configuration enables you to enhance your listening setting or surroundings, allowing you to get high-quality sound.

The digital chip circuitry controls noise reduction in both modes. This helps the hearing device to cut off even the tiniest voice and improve it while disregarding the noises in the background. It’s also fitted with a touch volume system that has an in-built design that enables users to adjust the volume.

It also comes with a user-friendly micro-USB rechargeable system that allows users to have 16 hours of uninterrupted service after charging it for only 2 hours. This goes a long way in eliminating the agony that comes with battery replacements, thus saving you the much needed time and money.

Empower Hearing Amplifier and Digital Noise Reduction

Missing some words or not getting the entire conversation is not only infuriating but also embarrassing. This hearing device can solve this problem as it provides you with a miniature, high-quality, and high-tech alternative. This device saves you a lot of time and money that you spend to enhance your hearing. It’s also capable of boosting the frequencies connected with human voice while at the same time filtering out the disturbing background noises.

For people who feel embarrassed about putting on a listening device, then this device is the best for you. The small size makes it almost invisible at the back of the ear. It also comes with a package of eight batteries.

Digital Personal Sound Amplifiers

This device is fitted with four modes planned to handle all the hearing needs of the majority of the seniors. The device has a receiver-in-canal design that helps to reduce distortions, thus guaranteeing you high-quality sound. The device helps to reduce high-pitched sounds while amplifying low human voices.

The compression system also ensures that the device won’t get too loud. It’s also designed with an adjustable volume set-up that provides you with a way of modifying subject to your surroundings. For anyone looking for a listening device, don’t focus so much on the prices. Instead, choose the impact it will have on your life. They may be expensive, but they are the best option for seniors with hearing loss.