When weighing your options of where to live, you obviously have the choice of nursing homes and assisted living communities. But, what about the senior that wants to stay at their own home? Or, families which want to make sure their loved ones are well cared for, and enjoy where they are? Home health aides are one option to consider if you are trying to find the best place to live, it might be in the comfort of your own home. But, how much does this cost?

National Average

On average, the cost of home health care is about $4,000 per month. This is quite a bit cheaper than the national average at a nursing home. But, bear in mind, most home health care aides are not licensed to provide medical care. Many are RNs, so they can perform certain care if needed, but, if it is a life threatening condition, you will still have to call EMS or a specialist to treat you

Hourly Rate/Daily Rate

Many home healthcare aide companies offer different pricing options. On average, the hourly rate is about $20, with the rates going as low as $15/16 in some regions, as upwards of $30 in others. It depends on where you live in the country, and the need in the area for home health aides. But, if you would like to pay a flat rate to have the home health aide stay with you around the clock, many companies will offer a flat rate ($250 for example). Although it is high, you are saving quite a bit in comparison to paying per hour in some major metro areas. So, you might consider this option if you want someone with you for the entire duration of the day in your home.

Overnight Care

Then there’s overnight care. If you want the home health aide to sleep in your home, this is also going to incur an additional cost. Some agencies will again offer a discount if you are paying for the entire day, but you can pay in excess of $300 if you want to have an aide stay in your home with you overnight. You can also have one individual stay with you during the week, and if you have family that can help on the weekend, this is a great way to cut down on the cost of having at home care as well. There are several options, so you’ll want to contact several home healthcare aide companies, to find out which ones offer the best assistance and pricing for your personalized needs.

Additional Assistance Needs

Then there’s specialized medical care. If you require ongoing medical care, need help with medication, going to doctor appointments regularly, or other medical treatment, you might want to consider an RN or a specialized home care aide. You will pay a higher premium rate for this as well, but at least you know you will have someone who can assist, and can administer some medical care, in the event it is necessary.

This, and other factors, are going to cause rates to increase. If you want to make sure you find the best rates, and the best care, you’ll contact several companies prior to choosing one.

How to Choose a Company

Just like you would compare nursing homes, you should compare home healthcare aide companies as well. Some things to consider are

  1. How long they’ve been in the industry
  2. Their reviews/ratings
  3. The type of care offered
  4. What’s included in the rate you pay
  5. If they offer weekend assistance if you require it
  6. Whether or not they run errands/car service
  7. If there are additional or hidden fees which aren’t included up front

The best way to know you’re getting a great deal, and living with someone you trust and can rely on, is to shop around and call a few companies which offer at home healthcare aide services for seniors. It’ll not only result in you receiving the care and attention that you actually require, but you are also going to be much happier, and you will find a person that you can rely on, when you finally do choose the company to hire for your at home care needs as a senior.