Finding the best supplemental insurance is always a challenge, especially when it is for our seniors. That’s because you have to be extra careful and cautious about what is on offer and what you will eventually get. After all, we can’t compromise on the precious health of our beloved seniors.

To make it easier for you we have shortlisted the top 5 companies that provide supplemental health insurance for seniors. Read through to find out more about these companies:

  1. Cigna

Cigna is one of the best insurance product providers in the US. Their supplemental health policies are the best and easily available. Features of Cigna’s supplemental health plans are listed below:

– Competitive premiums on policies available in over 38 states.

– Cigna’s supplemental plans are cost-effective and complement the Medicare parts like A, B, and D.

– Some plans with Cigna provide international coverage for all kinds of emergencies.

– Cigna supplemental plans are renewable and are in force all your life. So you are always covered.


Due to the above features and affordable rates, Cigna is a supplemental health insurance provider of choice for many American Seniors.

  1. Humana

This is a rock-solid insurance provider that offers a range of plans all over the country. They offer policies for almost all the Medicare plans. Let’s look at the features:

– Easy-to-use search options and local insurance agents for plan discussion without any initial commitment.

– Informative website with extensive information on Medigap and Medicare plans with useful premium calculators.

– Many of the supplemental plans provide international coverage as well

– It provides the human touch and allows users to chat with real nurses for any queries on health issues.

Humana’s exhaustive website and human-assisted insurance planning makes it the best choice for many first-timers

  1. BlueCross BlueShield

This is an umbrella corporation providing insurance covering over 95% of healthcare providers across all the 50 states in the US. They form a network with over 30 well-known healthcare providers and work with independent or contract services as well. Let’s see some of their services and features

– BlueCross BlueShield has a suitable supplemental plan even in states with established restrictions.

– Very good and informative website with advanced search options and quotes

– An extensive healthcare services network makes switching physicians and cares providers seamlessly easy.

– Supplemental plans with BlueCross BlueShield are auto-renewable and renew automatically.


With a seamless online shopping platform and a user-friendly online quote calculator, this company has emerged as a star in the Supplemental Health Insurance arena.

  1. Aetna

Aetna ranks low on our list due to its offline modes of application and cancellation if any. It looks a little conventional that the other ones. But it does have some remarkable features which have a lot of takers. Let’s have a look at the features:

– Coverage of 100% on most of the costs for Medicare Plans A & B and up to 80% coverage on emergencies while traveling.

– Covers the costs of skilled nursing facilities not available in many of the standard supplemental plans.

– Very good international coverage and can save you a lot of money on huge emergency medical bills abroad.

Barring the fact that you will have to apply for the supplemental plan in person and write a letter to cancel, this company works well for most American Seniors.

  1. United Healthcare

This is perhaps the most common and widely known brand in the United States. Almost all the employers in the United States use UHC as their preferred Medicare provider. Some key features are as follows:

– Covers almost all the states in the United States

– Covers all the standard illnesses that a standard supplemental insurance plan for the seniors include

– It has a wide and comprehensive network of hospitals and healthcare providers that allows you to get treatment almost anywhere in the US.

– Has a strong international coverage spanning over 130 countries

Due to its familiarity as a default Medicare provider by most employers, it is one of the most preferred supplemental health insurance providers in the US.

Final Takeaway

The list here is prepared after thorough research and will certainly help you in getting the best supplemental health plan if you go through one of these. Having said that, if you find some other players matching these reputed ones; you are the customer and you are certainly the best judge.