You are now living on a fixed income. Social security benefits are just enough to help you get by. But, you’d like to live a little more comfortably. If you are 55+ and looking for affordable senior housing, there are great alternatives. There’s government funding to assist you. Additionally, if you’re low income, there are other avenues you can go through to find more affordable housing units. Here we’ll cover the types of low-income housing and how to find it.

Types of Housing

There’s more than one type of housing available if you want to find affordable living facilities. Some options include

  1. Low-income tax credit housing
  2. Section 202 housing approved for the elderly
  3. Public housing
  4. Housing choice voucher (section 8)

Many people have the wrong idea of “low income.” It doesn’t mean crime-ridden. In fact, there are quite a few living communities for seniors that are affordable under these programs. It’s simply a matter of looking for them and knowing where to find your resources for assistance. As long as you’re willing to utilize the right resources and help, you can find affordable housing. Some ways to fund housing includes insurance, VA benefits, and even Medicare and gap policies can help. You need to ask questions and understand the help that’s available to you.

How to Find Affordable Senior Housing

In order to find some of these affordable housing complexes, you’ll want to utilize online searches. You will also want to rely on the local HUD and housing offices in your community. These are invaluable resources that can help you, as a senior, find the best pricing for housing. It’s also the best way to ensure you can find the top community based upon your financial situation and need for help. So, where do you begin your search for affordable housing as a senior?

Target Communities

Use online searches for target communities. is a great tool to consider. As the name implies, it is housing for seniors who are 55 and older. Here you are going to find living communities where you’ll be around your peers. You can also search by locations you want to live in. And, you can target your search based on your criteria/needs and income.

This not only makes it easy to find something that fits your budget but also the target community you want to live in. For seniors who want to live in a 55+ community, it’s a great place to begin your search.

Apartment Finders Online

Don’t limit your search to 55+ websites. or are also great resources. There are countless of other websites you can visit as well to help you find lower prices on rent. In fact, these sites offer senior housing and 55+ communities. So, you can pinpoint your search to your target demographic and location. Additionally, you can search section 8 housing or section 202 housing. This will result in even more results and lower prices that fit your budget. Searching multiple sites will help you find multiple available complexes to consider when you’re renting.

Local HUD Office

Your local HUD office is another great resources. You can speak to a local agent in your community. They can point you in the right direction where senior housing is available. They can also conduct an interview with you to see if you qualify for benefits or other discounts. And, the HUD agents can also help you find communities which are safe and offer resources you need. So, you never have to worry about your family or your safety being in peril. There are many communities you can live in. It’s simply a matter of knowing where to search for the affordable housing as a senior.

Many people don’t use the resources that are available to them, and there are plenty. You have to know where to look and how to navigate your searches to come up with multiple results. When you’re looking for affordable housing units, there are plenty in your own backyard. Make sure you understand housing benefits and discounts. And, as a senior, make sure you work with the right agencies and resources. It’ll make it much easier to find something you can afford, in a community you’re going to love living.


How much does a senior living apartment cost?

Senior living apartments usually range between $1,500 to $6,000 per month. This all depends on your budget and the type of amenities you want to be included.

Are senior apartments cheaper?

Generally speaking, senior apartments are at market rate or sometimes lower. They are prepared with amenities that are friendly to senior citizens.