A walk-in tub is an excellent investment for those who have a limited range of mobility, or difficulties getting into and out of the shower. Or, if you simply want a place to relax and unwind after a long day at the pet shelter or long day of outdoor adventures, it’s also a great way to unwind. But, you’ll need to choose the right tub for your body, consider the features which are important to you, and obviously, consider the plumbing in the bathroom where it’ll be installed. This guide will help you find the right walk-in tub, regardless of your personal needs or budget.


A top priority for all seniors buying a walk-in tub should be their safety. You’ll want to choose a walk-in tub that’s suited for you. For example, some are made for wheelchairs or walkers, making it easy and safe for you to get into and out of the tub. Sanitary gel coats along the walk-in tub’s interior lining, anti-slip flooring, and handrails, are a few of the many safety features you should look for when buying the tub. An anti-slip seat and overflow drain are also nice features to look for to ensure the highest levels in safety while you’re bathing.


When selecting your walk-in tub, you’ll also have to make sure it will fit your bathroom. Some areas of consideration are:

  • The area in your bathroom where you’ll install the tub
  • Look at walls and fixtures nearby
  • The shower space (if you’re replacing the old shower with the walk-in tub)

You’ll also want to consider the entire area of the bathroom. You don’t want a tub that’s too large, making it impossible for you to move around your bathroom comfortably. So, make sure it will fit the area, allows for comfortable movement, and offers enough space for you to safely/securely hold onto wall fixtures and other safety features when getting into and out of the walk-in tub.

Fill & Drain System

Some walk-in tubs feature fast-filling faucets and drain systems. This allows you to open/close the door, without worrying about water spilling out before the tub fills or drains. Many also feature overflow drain systems, which prevent the water level from getting too high while you’re bathing. The walk-in tub you choose should safely fill and empty without concerns of overflowing and have built-in safety features/mechanisms to prevent water from flowing out of the tub when the door’s opened.

Therapeutic Features

You want to relax in the walk-in tub, therefore, you’ll want to choose one with great therapeutic features. Some features to look for in a new tub include

  • Chromatherapy
  • Air massage
  • Dual hydrotherapy systems
  • Water massage
  • Micro soothe (air-jet/bubbles)

For pain relief, arthritis relief, and general body aches and pain, these therapeutic benefits are excellent features to look for when choosing your new walk-in tub.


The walk-in tub you purchase also has to fit with the plumbing you currently have in place. Or, you’ll have to choose a tub that can be modified or a plumber which can modify your plumbing system (lines and piping) to make sure your new walk-in tub fits your bathroom. Regardless of which walk-in tub you choose to purchase, most systems are fairly similar to traditional bathtubs and shower systems, so you shouldn’t have to do much work, as long as your home’s plumbing has been updated in recent years. It’s a good idea to talk to a plumber, however, to make sure the tub can fit, or they can install the appropriate plumbing lines, to install the tub in your bathroom.


A final aspect to consider should be your budget. You can find walk-in tubs for under $500, to some which are over $5000. It’s up to you, the features you’re looking for, and obviously, how much you have to spend when it comes to buying a new walk-in tub. Budget accordingly, compare several makes/manufacturers, and consider the most important features to you, so that you can find the best fit.

No matter what you’re looking for when shopping for a new walk-in tub to install in your home, these are a few of the many considerations you should account for so that you make the right purchase decision.