If you have hearing problems, then a hearing aid can help you a lot. Nowadays hearing aids have become very comfortable and it won’t feel like you are wearing one. The only problem that comes in buying or selecting a hearing aid is choosing the right one.

There are different kinds of hearing aids available in the market and it is very confusing to choose the right one. In this article, you will get information that will help you choose the best hearing aid. So if this sounds helpful, then keep reading this article. Now without wasting any moment, let’s jump into the main deal.

What is a Hearing Aid?

A hearing is a small electronic device placed in or behind your ear to improve hearing. They help in making the sound audible to the person with deafness or hearing loss.

Choosing a Hearing Aid

You should take professional help to choose the right hearing aid. Here are some things that you to take care of while choosing a hearing aid.

1- Choose The Right Size

Nowadays, hearing aids are available in different sizes and it very important to choose the right size. So before buying a hearing aid make sure it is fitting your ear properly and you can handle it well.

2- Choose The Right Fit

As mentioned above, there are many hearing aids available in the market. Some sits behind the ear and some fit in your ear canal. These hearing aids are visible and the ITC hearing aids are hard to see. You will get a full explanation of other hearing aids later in the article.

3- Ask For Feedback

When the earmold does not fit properly, then a whistling sound comes out of the year and it is known as feedback. Try different hearing aids because some cause more feedback and some cause less feedback, so it is better to choose which best suits you.

Well, the first thing that you have to take care of while selecting a hearing aid is the style. The style depends on the type of hearing loss you have. So first choose a style then move to other features. Now after deciding the style, it’s time to decide about the features that you need.

Choose the features wisely because there is no point in choosing the features that you won’t use. So after discussing how to choose a hearing, now let’s move to the other kinds of hearing aids and it will help you identify hearing aids type will suit you.

Different Types of Hearing Aids

1- Behind The Ear (BTE)

Behind the ear hearing aid is one of the most common and largely used hearing aids. They are also available in mini versions and both the versions sit behind the ear. Some pros are- using this hearing aid is easily adjustable, comes with a lot of features, compatible with serious hearing loss.

2- In The Ear (ITE)

It is custom molded and sits inside the ear and beneficial for mild to severe hearing loss. Some pros are- flexible features and fit easily.

3- In The Canal (ITC)

ITC model is the same as the ITE model but they are smaller and they sit inside the ear canal. These are great for mild to moderate hearing loss. Some pros are-hard to notice, comfortable to wear.

4- Completely In The Canal (CIC)

As the name suggests they sit inside the ear completely and they are smaller in size. Great for mild to moderate hearing loss. Some pros are the least visible, less feedback and wind noise.


Hearing aids are great equipment that can help you hear better and they are available at different costs, styles, sizes, technology, etc. If you are planning to buy a hearing aid, then you have to make sure that it is perfect for you otherwise it won’t be that effective.

Some of the tips to choose the right hearing aid are mentioned above but you should also meet an audiologist before buying one because he will be able to give you some better and helpful suggestions. Hope this article will give you some useful information and solve all of your doubts and queries regarding hearing aids.