Retirement is a great time to start learning new skills and hobbies or revisiting old ones, and one such hobby is crafting. Crafting is not only an excellent way to keep yourself busy and stop yourself from feeling like you have too much free time, but it is also a good way to keep your mind active, and keeping your mind active is essential in your older years. Therefore, let’s take a looks at some options of crafts for seniors, and see what fun you can have.

Knitting or Crocheting

Not only are these both relatively simple to learn, if you don’t know already, but they are a valuable skill to have. Being able to knit or crochet things such as blankets, scarfs, gloves, and cushion covers mean that you will able to always have a supply or essential winter wear, or home wear for yourself, and a supply you can use as gifts for friends and family. When winter comes around, everyone loves receiving such useful things, or blankets and throws and the like can be given on any special occasion.

Drawing and Painting

You don’t have to be an artist to paint, and you don’t have to have an ounce of talent to begin drawing. It doesn’t matter what level you are, or how you want to do it, art is a fantastic craft to partake in or learn. You don’t even have to use paper, perhaps you could collect rocks and pine cones from your garden and paint them. You could decorate your plates, or buy simple plates and pots from your local market and use these are your canvas. There are no rules when it comes to drawing or painting, you can do what you want how you want, and the good news is that there are often art or drawing classes somewhere nearby that you can join if you want to have a teacher.

Wood Crafts

Woodcrafts can be a little more tricky, you need to be more dexterous and you also need the right kind of tools. But if you are able to, woodworking is an excellent craft. You can make simple things like bird boxes, or jewelry boxes, or if you are up for the challenge you can work on making furniture such as chairs or drawers. Woodworking is fantastic for your cognitive abilities, and whatever you end up making will never go to waste, the crafts you create can be given as gifts, and used in your home.

Paper Crafts

Origami is as popular as ever and is definitely a lot of fun to do. Just get yourself an origami book, and paper and away you go. With so many different shapes and animals that can be made, you will not run out of options in a hurry. Use your make to brighten up your home or to add decoration wherever you like.

Greeting cards are another easy to do papercraft. It seems like we are in constant need of cards, it feels like it is always someone’s birthday, or wedding, or other special occasion or holiday, so why not make your own. You can decorate the cards how you want, and the receiver will cherish the personal touch.


Scrapbooking is a wonderful way to organize all your photo memories, and there is a good chance that you have a few boxes of old photos in storage somewhere. Well, now is the time to sort through them, and create a story through your pictures that can be enjoyed by anyone who sees it. Buying a scrapbook, adding your photos, and decorating it is a brilliant way to display all of your fondest memories and stop your pictures from getting lost.

As a bonus, it is something that can be done socially, perhaps you can start a craft club, or join one in your area, this way you can do what you love, have fun, and stay socially active in your community.