There are several great technologies for seniors and advancements which have been made to assist seniors as they age. In fact, more and more seniors today are embracing the latest technologies for communication, in-home assistance, and more. Whether you want to keep in touch with your grandkids across the country or see who’s delivering a package, there are devices for this. No matter where you live or what technology you’ve used in the past, these are some great items to invest in for your home as you get older.

Ring (Electric Doorbell System)

This is a great technological advancement for any household, not just for seniors. It’s a good way to see who’s at the doorbell when you have unexpected company. You can monitor the door, make sure no intruders are lurking, and keep track of packages. If you’ve had mail go missing, your doorbell can see who’s been lurking around your home. Or, stolen packages can easily be found with these systems.

If you aren’t expecting company and there’s a possible threat, you can alert police or a security monitoring company. With the touch of a button you can get help and let authorities know of a possible threat outside your home. And, if it’s just the UPS guy delivering a package, you can see him and thank him from the video doorbell system.

Video Games

Video games? For seniors? Yes! In fact, online gaming or video games are a great way to connect. Have your grandkids come over and set up the system for you. It’s a great way to interact online. Video games allow you to connect with and chat with other players online. So, you can enjoy some fun mind games and keep your mind active. Plus, you can engage with others who like to compete and love these challenges as well.

Home Assistive Devices

If you live alone, there are many great home assistive devices you might want to invest in. LED lighting makes it easier to see in dark areas. Motion sensor lights are great for homes with stairs. GPS trackers can help loved ones find you if you are hurt or need medical attention. Medication dispensing devices ensure you’re taking all your medication everyday. It’s a great reminder if you take plenty of medications and tend to forget one.

There are plenty of devices you can invest in to set up around the home. Not only are they meant to keep you safe, but also easily connected to family/friends or EMS is you need help. Obviously, smartphones are included in this list, so make sure you have a good one.

Health Tracking Software

You don’t have to stop moving just because you get older. In fact, you should try to live a more mobile, healthier life as you age. This technology for seniors is a great way to keep track of your movement, exercise, and overall fitness levels. Wearable devices like an Apple watch or Fitbit track your steps, calories, and other health information. You can get in 10K steps a day, and challenge yourself to keep going higher. Wearable fitness trackers are great to remain mobile and also continually push yourself to greater heights.


You know Amazon does it all. With Alexa (voice-activated service) you can do plenty from your favorite rocking chair. Tell Alexa to call the grandkids from your tablet. Or, order a pizza, have your groceries delivered, or schedule transportation services. You can do all of these things with voice-activated sensors/devices offered by Amazon. You’ll have more liberty, you can connect to virtually anything, and find out what’s going on around you.

There are numerous ways for you to connect and stay connected, regardless of how old you get. And, as a senior, you don’t have to lose track of what’s fresh and new. In fact, there are many great technologies you can utilize to make your life easier and far more enjoyable. So, don’t let these great advancements pass you buy. Consider a few of these technologies for use in your home and on the go. They’re easy to set up and use, and a great way for you to keep connected with the people in your life that you love.