A home insurance policy is something you don’t think about, until you actually need to file a claim. But, seniors and high net worth individuals who are looking for a new policy, need to know which insurers to consider when the time comes to purchase their policy. Whether you’re shopping for home, or looking to bundle with other insurance policies you’d like to purchase, these are a few of the top rated insurance companies for home insurance, for seniors who are looking for the highest levels of protection for their home and to safeguard their possessions.



This company has been rated number one in customer service and quality of coverage for years (by JD Power and other Consumer Reporting companies). So, those who are looking for excellent service, availability to speak with claims agents, and ease of modifying their policy without any penalties, look no further. Amica doesn’t offer the most options in terms of coverage, nor are they one of the largest insurers in the nation, but their customer service trumps that of any competitor on the list (and other top insurers on the market). Their rates are fairly in line with other insurers as well, so even though you don’t have many perks or added incentives to pair with them, if you value service and a company that values you as a customer, they are the leading insurer you’ll want to turn to for home and other insurance policies.


The Hartford

It works hand in hand with AARP, so you can bundle with your AARP coverage options, and earn even greater perks and savings. Like with auto policies, you get a vanishing deductible. The company also offers coverage for life and guaranteed coverage, and after two years, your rates are locked in for life. When you bundle, your savings are greater as is the case with virtually any insurance provider. But, if you want something that’s meant for seniors, designed for seniors, and allows you to save even more when you pair it with AARP to receive additional coverage incentives, this is the insurer you’ll want to turn to.

Bear in mind they are one of the most expensive (if not the most), but they do specifically gear their policies for seniors.



This insurer is one of the best for those who want quick and easy quote comparison. The insurer offers great bundled policy discounts, and you receive discounts for staying with them for several years. The older you get, the lower your deductibles become. There are fewer policy exclusions in comparison to other home insurance policies offered by other competitors as well.



It’s the top-rated insurer in customer service year in and year out. Although they are a leader in auto, their home insurance isn’t too shabby either. And, when you bundle, you can save. The company claims to save customers 15% or more in 15 minutes. Property damage, personal property, high-value items, medical bills, personal liability, and other expense coverage options are available.



Although the insurer isn’t available in all 50 US states, it is one of the top-rated choices for seniors. Some of the reasons it’s a reputable company includes

  • Their base policies (cover precious metals, pets, theft, valuables, personal property, some weather conditions)
  • Offer multi policy discounts
  • They have great claims assistance (and don’t hike up rates after one claim is filed)
  • Offer special incentives for 55+ customers


Again, they aren’t in every state (about 10-15 US states), but they are a great insurer. They offer quick online quotes, and rates are fairly competitive.