There is nothing better than staying at home during the aging days for the seniors. Not only is that a more fulfilling and satisfying option, but it is also one of the less expensive options too. Compared to Assisted living communities and Senior Housing staying at home with some readily available care is the most preferred by our seniors.

Many Home Healthcare providers have hence set up their services to cater to the care needs of our seniors. These home health care providers provide the necessary medical aid and personal care to our seniors at the comfort of their homes, making it a wonderful dwelling experience. But which one is the best? We have listed the top 5 to make it easy for you.

  1. Amedisys Inc

Based out of Baton Rouge in Louisiana, Amedisys is the leading home healthcare services providers in the US. With more than 16,000 employees across 500 locations spanning in 45 states this company is the fourth largest in the market share. Some services they provide:

– Skilled nursing teams to help you with post-operative and other medical care.

– Home aid and occupational help and services

– Speech therapy and physiotherapy specialists

– Provides hospice and bereavement services


With its annual revenues crossing $1.6 billion, Amedisys place at 999 on Fortune’s list. For its wide range of professional services, it is one of the most preferred home healthcare providers.

  1. ATC Healthcare

This is a nation-wide provider of home-based supplemental healthcare and medical services. Through its wide network of staffing services available in around 31 states they provide seamlessly

Healthcare services at your doorstep. Their services include:

In-home nursing and care facilities to provide you with the much-needed care you need.

– Provide you with personal care and aid you need to recover.

– Has a team of skilled therapists and practitioners.

– They provide many on-demand services such as occupational, household, other help, etc.


Due to their huge reputation and popularity, they are preferred by many American Seniors.

  1. Gentiva Health Services

Based out of Atlanta, Georgia, this is one of the largest home healthcare services providers. With annual revenue of $1.7 billion, it is a part of the Fortune 1000 companies list. Let’s have a look at some of the top-notch services they provide:

– They provide world-class nursing facilities to cater to medical needs.

– They provide physical and occupational services.

– Experts in therapies such as speech-language and other therapy.

– Experts in pulmonary and cardiac care.

– They provide the hospice services for terminally ill patients


With services in over 420 locations across over 40 states, they are one of the most commonly available services in the US.

  1. CHG Healthcare Services

Founded solely to deliver medical care to the rural areas of Western US. Their services include a wide range of healthcare services. They are experts in providing medical staffing both for permanent and temporary requirements. The list of the services they provide are as below:

– World-class nursing and medical and allied services.

– Round the clock emergency assistance.

– Easy switching of nursing and other staff.


With over 2800 people working across the US across the 50 states, this company is one of the most preferred providers owing to the ease of availability of alternative professionals in need.

  1. Apria Healthcare

Apria is one of the largest national providers of home healthcare services in the United States spanning over 290 locations serving over 2 million patients annually. Listed below are some of the services they provide:

– Provides home respiratory services and other required medical equipment.

– Experts in providing oxygen and inhalation therapies.

– Provides professional nursing and home care services.

– Provides pain management and wound therapy services.

Apria stands out with its excellent customer service and management approach and is a preferred choice for many American Seniors.


Healthcare at home is the best kind of care because that provides a perfect environment for you to recover from illness in the presence of your friends, family and near and dear ones. That provides you with a feeling of emotional as well as physical well-being.

While utmost care and thorough research have gone into the preparation of this list, you may want to check for the services yourself before you choose the best home healthcare provider for your seniors.