There are many people out there who love to travel and they cannot deny the fact that how amusing it is to travel from place to place. Regardless of their age, they have a very keen desire to step outside and see the world, and that desire to travel, most probably is planned before the retirement or before they turn over 50 or 55 and some ambitious person may plan for even 40. But what about the traveling enthusiasts who are above 65 and wish to travel not only to make a wonderful foreign trip but to meet their family members who live abroad or in the same country.

Here lies the question that – is there any travel insurance for seniors or upper age people? Well! You are in the right place as this article will provide you with a common travel insurance policy cover, what it does not cover. This information will definitely help you choose the right travel insurance policy for you. Let us begin and pace gradually, starting from its meaning

What is Travel Insurance Policy?

It is an insurance that covers medical expenses, flight accidents, trip cancellation and log luggage incurred while you are traveling, either domestically or internationally.

It can be arranged during the time of ticket booking to insure the full trip, otherwise, you can opt multi-trip policy which covers you for a set time frame and in that time frame you can make unlimited trips.

Since the medical feature is the main cover of every travel insurance policy, the cost varies in every country you are planning to visit, some country’s medical treatments are costlier than others. So before you take a travel insurance policy make sure to compare the insurance plans with other travel insurance policy plans. NOTE: The list contains the cover for people above 60 or 65.

Travel Insurance Policy Cover – (Senior Citizens)

  1. Transportation to the nearest medical facility.
  2. Medical treatment
  3. Death, illness, disease
  4. Accidently body injury while traveling.
  5. Cover for a total loss of checked-in baggage.
  6. Emergency cash cover, if you loose money due to theft.
  7. If your involuntary actions lead to somebody’s death, then that party will be compensated by the insurance company.
  8. If there is a robbery in your house while you are traveling overseas.
  9. Loss of passport
  10. Hijack Distress Allowance if hijacked for more than 12 hours .
  11. Trip delay if more than 6 hours.


Be advised to check and compare the Insurance plans as there might be some variation in the policy of the company. And now moving on to the features that travel insurance policy does not cover for senior citizens.

Travel Insurance Policy Does Not Cover

  1. Pre-existing illness or medical conditions.
  2. Damage of assets and loss of personal belonging due to mental disorder.
  3. Health issues with childbirth and pregnancy.
  4. Not providing all the necessary documents and claiming for insurance.
  5. Sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS & HIV, Gonorrhoea, HPV, etc.
  6. Dental Care and treatment
  7. Taking insurance after the natural disaster has hit the destination will not be covered.



There you have it, the travel insurance policy common covers and events or circumstances where it does not cover. To make the right choice for your travel insurance go through these general policy plans and rules before applying for it.

Remember you are a person who might have seen and experienced all sorts of ups and downs in your life which means you already are wise enough to understand the necessity to take insurance your life before you travel. Be smart, be an example for your 70-year-old friends and for upcoming generation.