Discounts are one of those rare things that can easily make anyone happy. It doesn’t matter whether you are getting a discount of 5% or 50%, both provide a feeling of joy and happiness. The only sad part is that it is not that easy to get discounts except for seniors. Yes, you read that right. If you are a senior then you can get discounts on a lot of things and this is one of the best things about being a senior. So if you want to know more specifically, then keep reading this article. In this article, you will get to know about 10 discounts for seniors that can help you save some extra money.

1- Restaurant Senior Discounts

For all the seniors, most of the restaurants provide special discounts on some days in a week. If you are going to a new restaurant, you should ask the managers if they have discounts going on for seniors. Though some restaurants like Dairy Queen offers 10% off discounts and Mc Donald also provides discounts on food and beverages.

2- Retail Senior Discounts

Just like the restaurants, most retail stores also provide a discount for seniors on special days such as the first Tuesday of the month or every Wednesday. To get the exact details, you have to plan properly before going. Some stores that provide discounts are Kohl’s, offer a 15% discount every Wednesday and the Ross store offers a 10% discount every Tuesday.

3- Hotel Senior Discounts

Most of the hotels have discounts for seniors but they don’t advertise it. So if you are visiting a hotel, then don’t hesitate in asking about the senior’s discount. Many hotels such as Best Western and Marriott offer 15% off on senior rooms. Red Roof also offers a 10% discount for seniors.

4- Airline Senior Discounts

If you are planning to travel via air, then make sure to use a discount coupon or codes to save some money. You can search the internet about senior airline deals. Airlines like American Airline and United Airlines provide good deals for people who are above 65 age.

5- Health Discounts

Being a senior, it is important to take proper care of health. There are many special health discounts for seniors. You must follow the senior citizen advocacy group to know more about the ongoing deals. Atera Spas feature special discounts on their products for seniors. RxFreeCard also offers a discount on prescriptions.

6- Cruise Discounts

If you are planning to go on a cruise, then before booking, call the cruise line to check what offers are available right now because they don’t advertise their deals. Carnival offers cruise at lowered prices for seniors. For AARP members Norwegian Cruise Line offers 100$ off on selected cruises.

7- Travel Senior Discounts

Most of the museums, parks and historical areas offer some discount to senior tourists and you can easily save your money. Amtrak features a 10% discount off on most rail fares.

8- Cellphone Discounts

If you are in the market for new cellphone plan, then make sure to look for options that provide some special perks to seniors. Companies such as Sprint and T-Mobile One provide different deals for 55+ age people.

9- Car Rental Senior Discounts

Going for a long drive with your friends? Make sure to ask about the senior discounts before renting a vehicle. Special discounts for seniors are always available in most rental companies. Some of them are Avis, offer 30% off for AARP members. EZ Rent-A-Car also offers 10% off for seniors. You can also look at cheap car rentals when you’re looking to rent and save money at the moment.

10- Grocery Store Discounts

Supermarkets are one of the main places where most of the people go for shopping for groceries and other stuff. Though the discounts may vary by location and apply on some dates, but you can still check your local branch to know more. However, Hy-Vee offers 5% off on Wednesday, Bl-LO features 5% on specific dates and Albertsons also offer 10% on every month’s first Wednesday.


If you are a senior and not using discounts, then you are missing the opportunity to save your hard-earned money. All the discounts that are mentioned above are specially made for seniors and it is your right to use them. You should also tell other seniors about these discounts.